This small project provides dummy REST APIs to test with your development.

Open Source

You can check the souce code in GitHub.

Source Code »

Regularly Maintained

New functionaly and datasets are added regulary.

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Host it Yourself

The code is readily available in Github and you can host it yourself on cloud or use locally


GET /api/User Gets all Users
GET /api/User/1 Gets User with Id=1
GET /api/User?q=Malory Full text search for query param "q"
GET /api/User?page=2&limit=30 Gets page 2 of size 30
GET /api/User?sortField=FirstName&order=DESC "DESC"/"ASC" Order by supplied "sortField"
GET /api/User?q=Female&page=2&limit=30&sortField=FirstName&order=DESC Search for all record containing Female text and gets Page 2 of size 30 from return resulted ordered by FirstName in Descending order
POST /api/User
PUT /api/User
DELETE /api/User/1